The two KPI’s to keep your eye on when offering Consumer Financing

There is one main reason to offer a financing/pay over time solution: to create more sales. Any retailer will tell you, especially if they are selling high ticket items, that being able to offer financing is key to creating more sales which they would have otherwise lost.  That makes complete sense. There are a variety […]

4 key points for retailers to consider when re-opening their stores

As brick and mortar shops across Europe and the US are given the green light to open, retailers must put extra time and attention into being fully prepared for operating in an environment that has changed from the one in which they were last open.
These are 4 ways in which retailers can ensure that they are meeting the contemporary needs of customers, post COVID-19

How POS financing can increase online conversion rates

High-ticket items become more appealing and accessible to shoppers once the cost is spread into bite-sized monthly installments. Offering this makes it less likely that shoppers will abandon their carts, thereby improving conversion rates. Here’s how to do it right.

Lenders Guide to POS Installment Loans

Point of Sale (POS) financing was traditionally considered to be a revolving line of credit, either in the form of private label store cards or general credit cards. The POS financing model is increasingly being seen as one of installment loans, and top tier banks and lenders are looking to offer this option.

How to Test and Learn with Consumer Finance

We know that in the retail and POS space, complicated integration makes it a lengthy process (if not impossible) to implement a new solution. Once the solution is finally launched, the retailer is then bound to it due to the deep integration as well as the time and resources that were invested in the implementation.

Why be married to one lender

With the amount of choice now available in the consumer finance space, it’s necessary to acknowledge the main distinguishing features between the various solutions.

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