The Missing Pieces of Your Embedded Lending Puzzle

What tools do banks and lenders need to distribute their B2C and B2B loans at any point of sale? Whether you already have a point-of-sale financing solution that you want to scale or are looking to launch a new one you’ll need distribution tools for quick and easy merchant onboarding and loan deployment. Ranging from […]

The Real ROI of Embedded Lending for Banks and Lenders

Banks and lenders that want to scale their consumer and business loan programs, grow revenues and enlarge their customer base need to embed their loans in customers’ daily lives. But there are additional compelling benefits to embedding loans at the point of sale. This white paper delves into the benefits of embedded lending, from quantifiable benefits such […]

Everything You Need to Succeed at Embedded Lending

There’s a lot more to an embedded lending solution than meets the eye. There are many moving parts that need to happen in real-time in the back-end, in addition to the front-end user experience and checkout process. To scale their B2B and B2C lending successfully, banks and lenders need to have all these components in […]

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