Consistent branding is crucial in influencing consumer behavior and enhancing conversion rates, but what happens when you are working with a third-party provider?

When it comes to third-party vendors for financing, you should be looking for a white-labeled solution in order to maintain a branded flow for your customer, from the moment that they enter your online or physical store until the point of completing payment. You have no doubt invested in your branding to ensure that your customer is loyal to your unique product. If they are redirected to an alternative site with a different design during their purchasing journey, this results in making your customers think twice and a decline in conversion rate. This is even more apparent when it involves sensitive information such as payment. 

What is a white-label service?

A white-label service is offered by a retailer with their own branding and logo, but on the backend is powered by a third-party vendor that specializes in that field. The front end consumer experience is customized in a way that it can fit seamlessly with the merchant’s style. Additionally, a white-labeled solution occurs within the retailer’s website, without the need to send the customer to a third party site to complete the action. 

As a merchant outsourcing your financing, you must ask important questions about who owns your customer’s data. A fully white-labeled solution will provide a transparent reporting system, ensuring that the user data belongs to you. Otherwise, there is the risk that you won’t own or may not even have access to any consumer data the solution generates.

How does this apply to consumer finance?

Consumer finance is an extension of the payment/ checkout process and offers an additional payment option which at many times is critical for high-ticket items. It is very rare for a retailer to offer its own consumer financing, in the majority of cases, it is offered by third-party banks or lenders. Since financing is usually provided by an external lender, each solution is likely to be implemented in a different way.

Jifiti offers a fully white-labeled POS lending solution that can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your website. Consumer finance simply becomes an additional payment option within the checkout process, which occurs completely within your site.

By trusting Jifiti to use their knowledge and technology infrastructure to provide your consumer financing, you are able to focus on what you do best – provide quality merchandise and customer service. Our fully customizable and state of the art platform requires zero integration into your payment structure and allows for immediate branding.  

The major benefits of branded flow:

Lower cart abandonment – One of the biggest issues with e-commerce is cart abandonment when buyers fail to complete their online purchases. One way to keep the level of cart abandonment to a minimum is by streamlining the checkout page. The customer has chosen to apply for consumer finance but if this process is extended further by taking you to another website or adding confusing pages with a separate company, the consumer is more likely to give up.

Control Brand Messaging – Brand consistency involves bringing a specific feeling to your customers through your messaging that remains the same across all your channels. As the retailer, you should be controlling the message that is portrayed to your customer and the user experience. By allowing multiple voices to dictate the voice of your brand, you can weaken the strength of your brand and make it less recognizable.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty – Brand trust is more important now than ever. Today’s consumers have so many options, leading them to question who they know and trust before making a purchasing decision. Consumer trust creates loyalty which legitimizes a brand and leads to a higher conversion rate. The customer clearly trusts your brand at the point of purchase, but some consumer finance solutions will then send the customer to their own web page in order to complete the application for an installment loan. Jifiti ensures that the financing experience stays under your retail brand, maintaining trust and conversion. The average revenue increase attributed to always presenting the brand consistently is 23%.

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