After years of powering retail solutions, we know that in the retail and POS space, complicated integration makes it a lengthy process (if not impossible) to implement a new solution. Once the solution is finally launched, the retailer is then bound to it due to the deep integration as well as the time and resources that were invested in the implementation. 

We built our POS financing platform to avoid that situation, knowing that eliminating the integration processes and the need for IT resources is critical to any solution.  Jifiti specializes in offering a consumer finance solution that is so intuitive and straightforward to implement, retailers will be able to offer the POS loans of tier-1 banks immediately. This allows them to try out new lenders and programs or switch loan programs easily. These features offered by our platform were developed to make it as flexible and easy as possible for retailers to test and roll out:

Zero integration – Consumer finance solutions can take a lot of time, financial and IT resources when they need complex integration with the merchant’s point of sale (POS). The result is a higher level of investment from the merchant, making it harder to justify testing other solutions or switching providers further down the line. Jifiti’s solution is able to have our clients ‘Business as Usual’ from day one, using Mastercard powered digital cards. The result is a platform that is operational with zero integration with the point of sale. 

Readily available lenders – At Jifiti, we are able to offer our merchants a choice of lenders who are already integrated at our back-end. These lenders vary in terms of customers, verticals and programs. Jifiti’s agile platform is built to connect with any lender – so we can onboard lenders that the retailer is already working with. 

Run a pilot – After the duration of a trial period, Jifiti is able to discuss the results with the client before deciding on best practices for a full roll-out. 

Jifiti’s platform is set up to enable any retailer to easily test and learn. When it comes to potential issues with our retail partners, we’ve heard it all. These are some examples that we have supported our clients with, when implementing POS financing:

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