Jifiti featured on the Nilson Report (OCT 31, 2020)

” Jifiti provides lenders and merchants technology to offer consumers a buy now, pay later (BNPL) financing option at checkout. “

The white label platform handles the entire BNPL purchase. Jifiti facilitates consumer loan applications at the point of sale (online or in-store), transmits that information to the lender for approval, provides the consumer with terms for the loan, and issues a virtual card on one of the global networks for the consumer to complete the purchase. 

Jifiti also establishes that the purchase was made within the scope of the lender’s loan terms. Unlike most competitors in the BNPL market, Jifiti is not a lender and does not finance purchases.

Jifiti says virtual cards eliminate the need for technological integration—via app, website, or merchant POS terminal—typically associated with BNPL purchases. The company began in 2012 as a platform provider of private label prepaid cards for merchants. Jifiti continues to provide private label prepaid cards.”  – Continue reading at the Nilson Report site

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